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Who are we?

The Mills College Club of New York is currently co-chaired by Annette Chan-Norris and Margot Jones Mabie. They, together with Bea Jordan Crumbine form the steering committee that sets the agenda and activities for the year. 

Anyone living in Connecticut, New Jersey, or New York who attended Mills for a semester or more is included in the mailing list for the MCCNY. Former MCCNY members who have moved away from this area are also welcome as members, as are faculty and staff of the College.


Mills College Club of New York

Annette Chan-Norris '65
Margot Jones Mabie '66

Maria Dinella '81
Mills College Board of Governors member from the Tri-State Area:
Catherine Ladnier, '70

Mills College Director of Alumnae Relations:
Nikole Hilgeman Adams


An electronic newsletter is sent out from time to time, informing members of upcoming events in the Tri-State area and featuring Mills alumnae or faculty.


If you would like to publicize such an event, please use the Contact Us button on this page.

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