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Alumnae Admission Representatives (AARs)

It is a tribute to Mills College that numerous alumnae continue to volunteer as Alumnae Admission Representatives, encouraging prospective students from around the country to apply to Mills. These representatives (AARs) visit Mills regularly for updates on course offerings, new and proposed buildings on campus, information on residential life, entering class profiles, and other topics of interest to students. The AARs are trained to conduct interviews, represent Mills at high school college nights, visit public/private school and independent counselors, and respond to questions posed by prospective students/applicants. 

Who are our Tri-State AARs?

The following are the AARs for the tri-state area and we welcome all inquiries from both prospective students and their parents.



Annette Chan-Norris






Bea Crumbine

Please click the link below, if you would like to contact one of the representatives.

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