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MCCNY Roundtable

The MCCNY hosted a Roundtable—the first of what we hope will be many —on Sunday, January 13, 2019

The MCCNY’s first Roundtable was led and moderated by Koa Beck ’09 and was a rousing success. As a journalist, Koa writes about gender, culture, identity politics, and LGBTQ rights, and as an editor to online publications such as Marie-Claire and Jezebel, her knowledge and experiences helped to inform the group on what the #MeToo movement reveals about cultural and societal power structures. There was lively discussion about how to change the work environment so women and men can be protected from sexual harassment and even rape and how to change a culture where one's power can lead to inappropriate behavior. There was agreement that more Roundtables would be welcomed.

We invite you to suggest topics and leaders who can moderate a Roundtable. Please write us at:

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